Thai Massage with Robin Lacambra 

Thai Massage is form of dynamic massage that guides the recipient through a series of passive stretches, combined with the use of rhythmic touch and acupressure techniques. Reiki is a form of energy work and alternative healing. It encourages the flow of energy throughout the body, releasing blockages that may be causing discomfort, stress or anxiety. 

Combining these forms of touch, I endeavour to guide you into a deep state of relaxation - releasing anything that doesn't serve you.


Everyone! In our hustling everyday lives, we all need to slow down, drop-in to our bodies and let ourselves be cared for more often. Touch therapy is especially beneficial for soon-to-be/new mamas, athletes, people on their feet all day or people in chairs all day - i.e. EVERYONE!


60mins $90
90mins $130
120mins $145

Prices do not include hst