Be Moved Teacher Training Testimonials


"This YTT program exceeded my expectations and changed the way I look at my practice. I had originally sought out a program to deepen my understanding of yoga and enhance my personal practice, but this course opened my eyes in ways I hadn’t anticipated. It taught me to always have a beginner mind, or rather the mind of a student. There’s always more to learn, change, and to evolve in this world of yoga. As new study’s emerge about the human body, we must be open to change with it. Joy is very much in tune with the current perspectives in yoga. All of the outside teachers she brought in were incredible and inspiring, and I’m so grateful to be able to call them my mentors now. We were taught a wide range of perspectives and concepts throughout this course. Such as how to be conscious and sensitive to those around us, and respect personal boundaries. We learned about all the way the body moves and functions, and how to break this down in a way that can benefit us in our daily lives even outside of our practice. We were challenged to get up and teach our peers, push past our fears, and feel confident in what we have learned. Whether you want to teach yoga in a mindful way, or enhance your personal practice, I highly recommend taking this program. Joy is an incredible teacher and has so much knowledge to share." 

- Nicole Benson  (2017 - 2018)

“Originally I signed up for the Be Moved Teacher Training with the goal of incorporating movement practices into my job. I work with children and adolescence with mental health concerns and autism. My intention was also to deepen my own yoga practice. However, I got so much more out of this training!

I gained a much deeper understanding of movement and how to build strength and have learned new ways to incorporate this learning into my everyday life – not only my yoga practice.

I started the Teacher Training during the middle of my pregnancy and completed the training as a new Mom! This experience gave me a tremendous amount of personal insight and self-awareness. It truly allowed me to take notice of how my body changed during this time and how to practice compassion and acceptance for my body.

This training helped me to feel more embodied, something I have struggled with for a very long time. In turn this has allowed me to deepen my practice becoming more mindful and slower in my movements. This still takes practice but it’s coming!

Before the training I didn’t think I wanted to teach however now I’m excited to say I am much more open to teaching. My current goal is to teach children and adolescents to be more present in their bodies. As well as to show them how movement can help them feel more regulated and calm.  This training offered me more then I could have ever expected!”

- Brittany Krasevich (2017 - 2018)