200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program

Faculty & Guest Contributors



Joy Dorsey - Principal Teacher, founder & director of Be Moved Yoga & Wellness Centre

Joy began her yoga practice in 2004 at the Downward Dog Yoga Centre under the guidance of her mentors, Diane Bruni and Ron Reid. She received her 200HR Teaching Certificate in 2006 and began teaching in 2010. Joy was a faculty member of the prestigious Downward Dog Yoga Teacher Trainer program from 2005 to 2015 as the Program Advisor as well as the main evaluator for the teacher training practicums from 2011 to 2015. 

In 2017, Joy taught a semester at Sheridan College for the Faculty of Continuing and Professional Studies in the 200HR Hatha Yoga Certification. Building upon her roots in Asthanga Vinyasa yoga, she continues to expand her repertoire by including concepts explored from functional mobility, strength building and accessibility practices.

In addition to the thousands of hours Joy has spent practising and teaching yoga, she is a certified Reiki Master and a certified Eating Psychology Coach through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. She incorporates much of her experience in these realms into her yoga classes in an effort to guide students to greater presence, greater body awareness and a deeper sense of connection. 

Simone Nitzan - Yoga Anatomy

Simone was an athlete when she discovered yoga, and yoga came as a welcome relief from the endless pressures of competitive sports.

Twelve years into her yoga journey, Simone now has over 500hrs of training from Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto, as well as 500hrs of training with Eyal Chehanowski in Israel. More recently Simone has been studying with Stacey Brass in New York City. 

Simone holds a BHK and MSc in Exercise Physiology from UBC, and is passionate about bridging the gap between the Eastern philosophy of yoga and the Western knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.  She has been teaching anatomy for almost a decade – starting at UBC, and now in Yoga Teacher Training courses in Canada, Israel and India.


Josh Cohen - Mindfulness Practice

Meditation derives from the Latin word meditari, which means to contemplate, prepare and practise. Along Josh’s journey of self-discovery, these cornerstones of regular practice — taking care of the body with nutrition and exercise and equalizing the mind through contemplation/observation — have been instrumental in cultivating the experience of wholeness and health.

Shortly after being called to the Bar in 2001 and while travelling through India, Josh enrolled in a 10-day silent retreat that deeply resonated and was to greatly influence his understanding of the mind/body connection.

In 2003, after completing his teacher training at Downward Dog, he began to share the principles of yoga and meditation to a vast student body (ranging in age from 12 to 101 years old) through workshops, classes and discussions at studios, athletic clubs, hospitals and retirement homes throughout Toronto. He is particularly proud of his work at the Baycrest/Wagman senior community centre and with war veterans and psychiatric inpatients at Sunnybrook Hospital.

Josh explains the meditative process through the concepts of physics, philosophy and psychology, illustrating the principles involved from all three viewpoints in an effort to give students a broad spectrum for reference.

Josh currently practises Family, Civil Litigation and Estate law in Hamilton, ON, and leads the meditation component of the teacher training curriculums at 889 Yoga and Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto, ON.

Diane Bruni - Injury Prevention

Diane has been practising yoga for 38 years, teaching students for 25 years and training teachers for over two decades. Diane was the first Ashtanga yoga teacher in Canada. She co-founded the Downward Dog Yoga Centre, and hosted an internationally aired television series called Breathing Space Yoga.

Her current interests centre around teaching healthy biomechanics, functional movement and risk reduction for yoga teachers.


Cecily Milne - Yoga Detour approach to Seated Poses, Twists, Inversions and Backbending

Cecily is the Director of Yoga Detour, a multidisciplinary hub for movement education based out of Toronto, Canada. She works as a yoga “integrator," leading her signature Move Well classes at Downward Dog Yoga Centre as well as guiding people one-on-one in their quest toward whole-body wellbeing.

As a strength and mobility specialist, Cecily helps her students rediscover their potential for strong, balanced movement both on and off the mat. An avid Ashtanga practitioner from 2003 to 2013, Cecily practised under the guidance of Ron Reid and Diane Bruni (Toronto), as well as Petri Raisanen (Finland), Rolf Naujokat and Emil Wendel (India).

Since 2014, Cecily has trained with multiple movement enthusiasts, including the Ido Portal team, Agatsu Inc, and Gymnastic Bodies. She has worked with Dr. Andreo Spina to receive certification as both a Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist (FRCms) and a Functional Range Assessment provider. Cecily completed the Certificate of Applied Training/Sports Animation in 2016 with internationally renowned osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer D.O., creator of the SomaTraining system and ELDOA, and is inspired by the trailblazing work of Katy Bowman and Dr. Greg Lehman.

Cecily is known for seamlessly integrating the knowledge gained from her strength and movement coaches into a yoga practice that is informed, accessible and above all feels good!


Dany Lyne - Yoga as a Spiritual Practice

Dany Lyne is an author, trauma intuitive, body whisperer, CranioSacral therapist, Reiki practitioner, teacher and artist. She is the author of RIDING THE WAVE: Tales of Transformation. Sometimes staggering, always rambunctious, the journeys described in her book illuminate the tragedy of the cycle of violence and the beauty of women riding the wave of transformation. She is the creative force behind WHO’S MAKING WAVES, a video series featuring the prophets hidden in the folds of Kensington Market in Toronto. Her writing, art and therapeutic practice are shaped by her continuing exploration of various indigenous healing technologies, yoga asana, meditation and as well as by her 20-year artistic journey designing sets and costumes for theatre and opera across Canada, in the United States, England and Europe. She was the recipient of the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre in 2006. She studied opera design at the Banff Centre of the Arts and holds an MFA from the University of Victoria, an AOCA from the Ontario College of Art & Design and a DEC from Dawson College in Montreal. She has taught at the Ontario College of Art & Design and at the National Theatre School of Canada. She lives and thrives in Toronto and big, beautiful nature everywhere.

Robin Lacambra - Sequencing, Musicality & Flow

Robin is a yoga and pilates instructor, thai massage practitioner and eager student of diverse movement practices. She began her yoga journey in 2005, quickly becoming a dedicated student at Downward Dog Yoga Centre. In 2013, Robin completed Downward Dog’s 250hr Teacher Training and immediately started teaching regularly at various studios in Toronto. Since then, she has completed over 700hrs in continuing education training, including Yoga Detour’s comprehensive approach to building a safe, strong and sustainable movement practice, as well as MISFITMETHOD Teacher Training’s unique blend of yoga, pilates and dance.

Robin’s thoughtfully sequenced classes are driven by music. Her approach is multifaceted, accessible, yet challenging. Robin is committed to exploring various ways to share mindful movement, endeavouring to make the journey into self graceful, insightful and playful.

Guest Contributors

Jane Clapp - Movement for Trauma Level 1

We are all healing from some past hurt or loss, but it doesn’t mean we are broken. Our past struggles, traumas or health issues don’t have to be a life sentence. I believe we have the power to free ourselves from the shackles that limit our joy and fulfillment. While it is widely accepted that mindfulness is necessary to shape the body, I assert that the body is one of the most powerful alchemic tools for shaping the mind.

As a practitioner in the health industry for two decades, my approach is to combine holistic personal training, ELDOA, fascial stretch therapy, Reiki, yoga, tensegrity therapy and mindfulness interventions to create collaborative opportunities for trauma recovery.  Through personal and professional exploration, I know that you can cultivate a deeply felt sense of resilience and agency to realize freedom in your life.

As the founder of Urbanfitt, I have helped more than 1000 clients improve emotional and nervous system regulation, positively shift neuroplasticity and release somatized stress and trauma. Through my revolutionary coaching sessions and workshops, I will ensure that you not only feel better, but truly realize your full potential for contentment and happiness. I am an experienced and illuminating speaker, widely consulted media expert and internationally recognized author. I am available for personal, group and corporate training as well as speaking engagements worldwide.

Jane's Philosophy

Personal health is a political matter, extending beyond our own flesh and bones and into the way we build community, engage in culture and express our highest self in relationship to others. Individuals can learn to advocate for their own health and wellbeing, first, amid conflicting private responsibilities and paternalistic, overstressed health care systems. In my practice, I choose integrity, congruency and wholeheartedness over profit.

Community Outreach

I offer mindful movement and tension-release workshops at the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture. As a member of the Breathe Network, an organization connecting sexual violence survivors with trauma-informed healing arts practitioners, I am committed to bringing the most recent research-based healing interventions to those who need it most.

I have had the privilege to sit on the committees for both “Enabling Minds” (Canadian Mental Health Association), and with the BC Heart and Stroke Foundation. I have volunteered my time at Fife House, an organization that provides secure and affordable housing and support to those living with HIV. I also offer complimentary classes for women during and after breast cancer treatment and have provided numerous wellbeing empowerment workshops for marginalized women in Toronto.


Kathryn Bruni-Young - Mindful Strength

Kathryn has been teaching yoga and movement for over 10 years. Her training is varied and includes work with Ido Portal, Richard Freeman, her mother, Diane Bruni, and most recently somatic experiencing. After injuring herself in her early twenties, she has studied biomechanics and functional movement and how strength can be applied to healing of all different kinds. She teaches on the faculty of four Yoga Teacher Training programs, and runs her own small program in her studio in Cornwall Ontario. She has a couple of popular online courses, as well as a popular blog, and teaches workshops all over the country.