200hr Teacher Training Program

Program requirements & Preparation


In-Class: 135hrs
Personal Practice: 20hrs
Homework & Self-Study: 43hrs
Final Exam: 2hrs
Total: 200hrs

In-Class hours: 
In order to receive certification, students are required to attend all in-class hours. Any missed in-class hours must be made up by attending private sessions at an additional expense or by completing these hours in a future program if space is available. Students missing in-class hours will not be given priority in future programs.

Personal Practice hours:
Students are required to attend a minimum of 20hrs of regular drop-in classes at Be Moved. Students will be provided with a 20 class pass (included in the price of the program), which will activate once the deposit has been paid. This pass is valid for 1 year from date of activation and there are no extensions on this pass. 

Homework & Self-Study hours:
Students will be assigned required reading assignments and homework to prepare for the training program as well as throughout the program. 

Final Exam hours:
The training program’s final exam requires that each student teach a 60min beginner and/or Level 1 Community Class at Be Moved. The community classes are free, are taught by teachers in training and are open to the general public. The dates and times will be announced at the end of training. 

Students may only sign up to complete the final exam once all other requirements have been met. Each class will be observed and evaluated by studio director Joy Dorsey. Upon successful completion of the final exam, students will receive their certification.