What to Expect

At Be Moved, we believe embodiment comes through understanding our bodies, being curious about the how's and why's of our patterns, and learning new movement skills that not only reshape our physiology but also our neurology!

We believe mindful movement can be applied to any type of movement, not only yoga. Which is why we pull from various modalities including but not limited to Pilates, Yoga, Functional Movement, and more! Our goal is to help our students gain strength, body awareness and resiliency that will transfer into day to day life physically, emotionally and mentally.

Our classes are small, creating a more intimate setting for learning and more one on one attention with our instructors.

We hope you enjoy your time in class with us!

Be Moved to Be You!

Our studio is not a hot studio, yet our classes are warm. The average temperature in the room will be around 78 degrees fehrenheit (26 Celcius). We keep the windows open during the warmer months to allow for the fresh air to breeze through the studio. 

What to bring and how to prepare

  • Clean yoga clothes
  • Clean yoga mat (if you do not have a mat you can rent one for $1)
  • Yoga towel if you tend to sweat a lot or if you have a slippery mat
  • Towel for showering (we have one shower so please be mindful of time in the shower)
  • Water bottle (we have a water filter)
  • Make sure you are well hydrated

Studio Etiquette

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before class, but please do not arrive any earlier.
  • Take your shoes or boots off when you enter and place all belongings in the designated area.
  • Turn OFF all cell phones and do not bring them into class..
  • Do not chew gum in class.
  • Notify the teacher before class if you have any injuries or if you are pregnant.
  • Some of our teachers provide hands on assists. Feel free to tell the teacher, at any time, if you do not wish to receive assists.
  • Please make sure to attend classes suitable to your level of practice. Our level 2 classes are meant for students with experience and are not for beginner students.
  • Notify the teacher if you have to leave class early.