Joy-a-Toes toe spreaders are made from a comfortable gel material that can be worn throughout the day and during your yoga practice.


As you can see from Image A, the child’s foot is open and relaxed, exhibiting a natural ability to connect right through to the tips of the toes. Also notice the gentle arc of each toe line. When the myofascia (soft tissue) is balanced, all sides of the joints are evenly supported

Image A


In Image B, The joints are no longer evenly supported on all four sides as shown in the child’s foot. This unevenness induces jamming and instability of the bones, resulting in localized muscular tension.

Image B


Image C

In Image C, Joy-a-Toes help put the bones of the toes and feet into position. By relaxing your feet and allowing the awareness to penetrate to the ends of your toes you can create the same quality as in the child’s foot.

Balancing the myofascial web begins at the tips of the toes. Maintaining your focus on connection to these tips when practicing yoga with your Joy-a-Toes will wake up your feet and bring them back to life. As you can see from the following images, creating this open, connected quality through your feet will begin the process of repairing the myofascial network supporting the entire body.