Embrace Your Sacred Tree to Transcend Trauma
with Dany Lyne

Saturday, may 11
10:30am - 5:30pm

There is a magnificent Sacred Tree living in you despite the depression, grief, self-loathing, anxiety, illness, overwhelm, disorientation, or whatever else that ails you. This workshop celebrates this immense resource and life-affirming imprint residing deep at the core of all living beings. No matter what’s going on, you are rooted in the earth, grow upward to the sun, and progress in concert with the earth’s cyclical rhythm. 

All living beings share this principal orientation and pulse, but trees, more than any other, palpably live these teachings and, thankfully, share them with us in our own yards, parks, and the wilds. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from estrangement from trees and from our Sacred Tree-ness. This workshop offers some instruction to facilitate your journey back to your Sacred Tree—the aspect of you innately aligned with the source of life, love, and harmony.  

At some point, someone has to really show up with a generous open heart!
Someone has to transcend the blame and shame and whatever else
to smother the cycle of violence with love by the bushelful. 
No one is more qualified for this enterprise than you are.

 Join Dany Lyne to gain tools to turbo boost your yoga practice, meditation, and innate healing capacity.

Price: $175+hst

This workshop is open and accessible for all.

Books & Resources

Available for purchase will be two of the books Dany has recently published. We will be using these resources during the retreat:

REIKI PLUS PLUS: Embrace Your Sacred Tree to Transcend Trauma

This book amalgamates the recently revised and expanded Reiki manuals that support my Self-Reiki and Reiki workshops with revised segments from my published memoir, Riding the Wave: Tales of Transformation. My goal is to decode in a concise written form a Reiki practice that invites and empowers any inquisitive well-being explorer as well as Reiki students and practitioners to consciously manipulate their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual architecture of the energy bodies: the Chakras, the Dantians, and the five energetic Orbs and organ groupings corresponding to the elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) described in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

SACRED TREE FOR ALL SEASONS: Oracles Cards and Workbook to Reclaim Your Capacity to Heal

This workbook and deck of oracle cards are tools to help you align with the wisdom of trees and their flowing collaboration with the elemental Spirits of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. When you approach these cards in a contemplative state, they can transmit to you these Spirits’ blessings and the medicine you need to tap into to re-establish a conscious and mindful interdependence with the elemental healing energies of your Sacred Tree—the aspect of you innately in alignment with the source of life, love and harmony.  

This workbook and oracle cards are designed to help you change your life from the inside out! Pulling cards and doing readings:

a.     assists you in decoding the messages that your illnesses, dis-eases, and manifestations of disharmony are attempting to convey;

b.     demystifies the root causes of your dis-eases, illnesses, and/or malaise on the physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual levels;

c.     supports your self-inquiry and personal energetic work, such as self-Reiki, to create changes in all four energy fields (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), something that surgery, legal/illegal drugs, and many forms of talk therapy don’t necessarily accomplish; and

d.    reconnects you with your innate self-healing resources—the elemental Spirits of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—no matter what hullaballoo is unfolding in your day-to-day life.

Details and pricing will be provided.


The Om Dome at the Luna Project
625 Sager Rd, Troy, On

The Om Dome is a yurt, situated in the Luna Project's privately owned forest, of over 100 acres of trailed land, near Hamilton ON, Canada. It is a magical place and the perfect location to explore your sacred tree!

Dany Lyne

Dany Lyne is an author, trauma intuitive, body whisperer, CranioSacral therapist, Reiki practitioner, teacher and artist. She is the author of ME TOO LOUD & CLEAR: How I Walked the Talk from Silence to Active Hope. Sometimes staggering, always rambunctious, the journey described in her book illuminates the tragedy of the cycle of violence and the beauty of riding the wave of inner and outer transformation. She is also publishing in May 2019: REIKI PLUS PLUS: EmbraceYour Sacred Tree to Transcend Trauma; and SACRED TREE FOR ALL SEASONS: Oracle Cards and Workbook to Reclaim Your Capacity to Heal.

Dany’s unique therapeutic approach facilitates the gentle release of trauma and shock stored in the various tissues of the body including the organs. She focuses on clearing the blockages interfering with core alignment on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Her method fosters the individual’s connection to unconditional love, awakens their personal power and authority while uncovering and reinforcing their alignment with their life purpose. Her writing, art and therapeutic practice are shaped by her continuing exploration of various indigenous healing technologies, yoga asana, meditation and as well as by her twenty-year artistic journey designing sets and costumes for theatre and opera across Canada, in the United States, England and Europe. She was the recipient of the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre in 2006. She studied opera design at the Banff Centre of the Arts and holds an MFA from the University of Victoria, an AOCA from the Ontario College of Art & Design and a DEC from Dawson College in Montreal. She has taught at the Ontario College of Art & Design and at the National Theatre School of Canada. She lives and thrives in Toronto and big, beautiful nature around the world.


What people are saying about working with Dany:

In my women’s health clinic, I often reach a point in reatment where a patient’s physical complaints have a deeper, emotional significance. This is a place where I had difficulty with referrals in the past. Certainly some counselling or therapy is often needed, but in many cases it is unsuccessful in moving this type of block. I have been very grateful to find Dany Lyne and her Reiki practice and she has been a wonderful fit for referrals of this type. I always appreciate her warm, gentle, and non-judgmental approach to often-difficult issues. She has helped many of my patients move through old traumas, which in turn allows us to treat their physical conditions more thouroughly and completely. As a Naturopathic Doctor, my goal in treating any condition is to find and treat the cause. With Dany’s help and expertise the emotional component of this work is addressed beautifully.

Shawna Darou, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Annapurna Naturopathic Clinic: A Women’s Health Clinic
Suite 200, 822 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1C9

Cancellation Policy

A full refund less a 20% admin fee will be provided for any cancellations made more than 48hrs prior to workshop. There are no refunds for any cancellations made within 48hrs of the workshop.