Private Sessions - Client Testimonials

Here is one of my client’s stories about how working with me privately has impacted her journey!

“Eight years ago, I began my journey to get “healthy and fit”. Post baby, I had enough. I began to work out feverishly in my home for months on end until I was confident enough in my skills to hit a real gym. When the day came, I began to attend Zumba classes with a good friend of mine and was in shock at how quickly the pounds fell off. I pushed hard, I ate little amounts of nothing substantial and was quite thrilled at my lean look. Clearly, this wouldn’t last!  During this time, I experienced an awful car accident and not even 3 months later I sustained a horrible work injury that took me down for almost 8 months. While going back and forth to multiple doctors’ appointments I did my best to get back to the gym when I could and pushed my self far too hard, far too fast. I was in nothing but pain. My back killed me, my upper back and neck were screaming constantly, my knee felt strained and inflamed and I was applying K tape whenever I felt weak. Masking my injuries as opposed to healing and repairing the damages. I dabbled with yoga at home and at our local gym. Utilizing all instructors when possible, just to say, “I went today”, to relieve myself of the guilt.

During these times, I didn’t really pay much attention to what I was doing to or with my body, whether I was creating further damage or straining it too much, it didn’t matter. What I knew was that I just felt ok, because I was there. Working out to stay “fit”! Truthfully, my body was present, however my mind not so much. 

I ended up in one of Joy’s classes some 3 years ago. Honestly, that day changed my life. As per the usual I was at the front of the class, in front of the mirror just as I preferred. I was excited to start and couldn’t wait to see how the ‘new teacher’ would be.  The class began differently from the others. It was about bringing awareness to the space around us and inside of us. Something that had not been brought to my attention before. Slowing down my practice, focusing on my body and being present within it. As the class flowed on, I began to realize that this is more than just a regular yoga class. At the end while I was laying in savasna, Joy came over and asked if she could help me find some space in my upper neck, I guess her keen eye could see I was restricting an area of weakness. As she gently maneuvered my neck, upper back and shoulders she asked me to send my breath into the space she was creating. WOW! Now, this was incredible. I knew there was something different, something that made sense in what she was saying. I had tears rolling down my face as I drove home after class feeling somewhat afraid of what I just experienced and realizing it was exactly what I needed.

I’ve since been practicing with Joy now for the past 3 years and I am presently doing weekly private sessions with this incredible human. Now I’m going to be blunt here and say, “She’s the shit.” I have never met someone so in tune with her students, their needs and her own passion to teach and bring this awareness to others.  Her teachings are not that of a “big club” yoga class. I’m not endlessly doing sun salutations, or the same old routine and I’m not being asked to do impossible things with my body that would bring me any discomfort or pain. She is teaching me functional movement while utilizing the ideals of Yoga and its practice. We use the breath to guide us. Our personal strength to control our movements and to deepen our practice. Joy’s guidance and experience gives me the confidence to practice for myself within myself, even if I am feeling weak or unable. She makes me feel Stronger, Confident and more in tune with my own BODY! I’m always so excited to be a part of her teachings. Thank you Joy for being you. Light and love. A.”



  • 1 Session $90

  • 3 Sessions $255 ($85/Session)

  • 6 Sessions $480 ($80/Session)

  • 10 Sessions $750 ($75/Session)

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